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About Bold Creative

Bold Creative's overarching message has always been one of participation: empowering young people by harnessing their own stories. To achieve this, we work closely with young people, listening carefully to their experiences about their environment and culture with a strong focus on identity, race and religion. Bold consistently wins the attention and trust of youth audiences by building real value into their interactions with organisations and causes.

Our Use of Stories

Young people's stories are at the heart of all of our work. Our style to use the real words of young people affected by important issues allows us to objectively share experiences that may otherwise go unheard. We then work to create the right digital platform to share these stories in ways that will effectively engage & reach other young people whilst keeping the author's identity anonymous.


Our approach to Wish You Waziristan

This project was preceded by a dedicated research project into the issues. We see this as the most important aspect of any project like this that we undertake. Working closely with young people who had been directly affected by these issues and a detailed study of transcribed interviews with ex-Jihadis, the team started to build sources of information that would help them retell the facts as accurately as possible. Here are some key sources that were important to the team in the research phase:


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